Join me Sunday January 23rd at 14:00, Sevagram Hazelhof Oude maastrichterweg 21 Gulpen, for music and a joyfully time

Sunday April 10th I’ll be fundraising for A.L.S. foundation, Borenburg Voerendaal Limburg.

Hope to see you all on May 7th, 14:30 Sevagram Plataan Afd. 2 Henri Dunantstraat 3 Heerlen.

Piano Music, Singing, Coffee and snacks.

The place to be, Saturday May 14, 15:00 Sevagram St.Anna, Doom 9 Heerlen.

A beautiful piano concert specially for you


Music from the hearts, Sevagram Plataan Henri Dunantstraat 3 afd 8 Saturday July 16 14:30